EXCLUSIVE: ‘Bachelor’ Hasin Jahan’s Trouble May Rise


Priyanka Dutta, Kolkata: The Indian pacer, who has been accused of domestic violence and adultery by his wife has hit back at Hasin by claiming that he was kept in dark about Hasin’s first marriage.

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From a reliable source, Kolkata24x7.com has got the marriage certificate. You will be surprised to know that Hasin Jahan put a tick on the column of ‘Bachelor’. In this marriage certificate, we find about the Bride’s details – Name : Hasin Jahan, Date of Birth : 02/02/1984 Father’s Name: Md. Hassain, and marital status of Bride – ‘Bachelor’.

It may be mentioned here that there are other column also – ‘Widow’ & ‘Divorce’. But Hasin Jahan chose to put tick on ‘Bachelor’ column and the date of the marriage is – 7th April, 2014. The marriage certificate proves that Hasin Jahan lied to him. Several questions are rising from this point- Who is lying to whom. The new controversy triggered from this point.

Shami claimed to Kolkata24x7.com that Hasin, who reportedly has two daughters from her first marriage, did not reveal to him her first marriage before they tied the knot in 2014. Shami also added that Hasin introduced her daughters to him as her nieces.

“I was not aware that it was her second marriage with me and it was only after we got married that I was told about two of my (step) daughters,” Shami Kolkata 24×7.com. The Indian pacer Mohammed Shami-Hasin Jahan continues to get murkier by the day.

(Kolkata24x7 could not independently verify the claims)

Meanwhile, Jahan’s lawyer has denied Shami’s allegations – of being kept in the dark about her first marriage – calling them an ‘afterthought’. “Shami has not made this allegation earlier when an FIR was registered against him; this has come as an afterthought. He was aware of everything before marriage,” Jahan’s lawyer Zakir Hussain told.

Mohammed Shami is the second husband of Hasin Jahan as she got divorced because it didn’t work out for several reasons. Hasin Jahan has two minor daughters from her first marriage. One minor daughter is staying at kolkata and another one stay with her own father, named Sheikh Saifuddin who runs a bakery in Birbhum District, West Bengal.

After marriage, Hasin quit modeling as her in-laws never wanted her to continue this profession. The couple have a daughter born in July 2015. Though she had two minor daughters from her first marriage, Shami accepted those daughters. Yes, you read it right! “My father – Shami Papa loves us, looks after us”, the minor daughter affirms with a sad tone. It is first time Hasin Jahan’s daughter came to the media and talked with us (Kolkata24x7.com) on 10th March.

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Shami’s wife had earlier alleged that his husband abuses her physically and mentally and was also involved in many extra-marital affairs. A case was registered against Shami on the basis of a written complaint filed by Jahan.

In a recent development in the case, officials from the BCCI’s Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) headed by its chief Neeraj Kumar were at the Kolkata Police headquarters on Saturday to talk to fast bowler Mohammed Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan.The Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA) has written to the BCCI’s ACU head to investigate the charges levelled against Shami by his wife.

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Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan has alleged that the Indian pace-bowler has taken money from a Pakistani woman named Alishba at the insistence of an England-based businessman called Mohammad bhai. The anti corruption team has met with Hasin Jahan in Lalbazar.