Excessive Consumption Of Aerated Drinks Led To Hole In Man’s Skull


If you love drinking aerated drinks, you’d want to read this one. The habit of excessively consuming energy drinks left a man with a hole in his skull and his family with an irreversible scar.

Austin’s wife Brianna wrote a heartfelt post about how their lives changed after Austin was hospitalised, while she was expecting their first child together. It serves as a warning to everyone who’s been overloLedoking their health.“Hello, my name is Brianna, and this is my story…
Love is not the little things. It is not the phone calls, the dates, or even the memories. Love is knowing you would sacrifice things that you didn’t even know you could sacrifice. Love is selfless.

Austin and I were so excited to meet our little boy. To bring him home. To be a family.”
I still remember my mother in law waking me up that morning. ‘Austin had an accident’ she said. All I knew was that my husband was in the hospital. The worst part? I didn’t know why.

After a two hour drive to the hospital, I learned that my husband, the father of my child, the person I am so deeply in love with, had had a brain haemorrhage. Why? The doctors concluded that this horrible event was due to his recent excessive energy drink consumption, a habit he had built when he started working longer hours and commuting.

Austin underwent a surgery and he had lost a part of his skull. Brianna, being 9 months pregnant, stood strong in this dire situation.

The time had come for me to deliver our baby.

A beautiful miracle happened as I delivered our son. Austin woke up. I went about a week without seeing him. I thought about him every day. I cried as I looked at my child who looked just like his daddy.

At a little over 2 months old, our son finally met his dad. A day I wasn’t sure I would ever see. That was the day that my heart gained some of its happiness back.

Sometime after that, he could finally come home to me. Our life isn’t normal. There are doctors visits and hospital trips — so many that I lose count.

But we are here. Fighting.

He isn’t the same man I fell in love with, but I still fall further everyday, We are fighting to help him recover. To make his life better. One day we will get there.

Until then, I will never give up on him. Because love is selfless, and I love him more than life itself.”