Ex-ISI Official Admits Jadhav’s Capture From Iran


Islamabad: Amjad Shoaib, an ex-ISI official and a retired Lieutenant General of the Pakistan Army, has acknowledged India’s claim that Kulbhushan Jadhav was captured from Iran.

This revelation by an ex-ISI official is damaging for Pakistan and shows the real face of that country’s armed forces establishment, the civilian government and the ISI who have connived to tarnish the image of India globally. This negates Pakistan’s claims that Jadhav was caught in Pakistan on charges of spying.

India has repeatedly maintained that Jadhav was on business trip to Iran and Pakistan had captured him from there and planted a false case against him.

This admission by the ex-ISI official can now possibly be used by India as a strong argument at the next hearing of the International Court of Justice.

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Jadhav,a former Indian Navy officer ,was given the death sentence by a military court in Pakistan on April 10 for alleged “espionage and subversive activities”. The ICJ had on May 18 stayed the execution of 46-year-old Jadhav, who was sentenced to death last month by a Pakistan military court that convicted him of alleged spying and subversive activities.

Pakistan raised the confession statement of Jadhav as a base of its argument and accused India of using the ICJ for its political theatrics. India termed that the confession of Jadhav was forcibly taken by the military while in captivity and he was tried by a military court in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s counsel Khawar Qureshi while presenting Islamabad’s stance in the ICJ on death sentence handed to Jadhav said that the former naval officer entered Islamabad through Iran using a fake passport.