Ex-IPS Uses ‘Great Tricks’ To Baffle CID


Kolkata: Investigative officers took six places to escort, including Hyderabad, Bangalore, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, with the arrest warrant. However, the IPS Bharti Ghosh is not found yet. The former Superintendent of police is simultaneously changing ‘SIM and Handsets’ for sending audio messages. It is a strategy to divert the investigation, said CBI.

Bharati is buying the SIMs and handsets using different identities to keep the privacy of her immediate position. Sources said, a group of Delhi-based political leaders are helping her to buy several SIM and handset. According to an investigating officer, “Bharati is well aware of the fact that we can reach her by tracking her phone connection.” So Bharti is using a number for one time. Investigative officers are expecting from the tower locations of the relevant numbers that Bharati has made a base somewhere outside the state.

Meanwhile Bharati’s husband, MAV Raju, is going to appeal before the court on Monday to avoid the arrest, which has been issued by the CID.

Though the resigned from post of Superintendent of Police, Bharati’s ‘source’ is still very strong. Many sources are feeding her informations at home. CID is also investigating who are communicating with Bharati from the police sector.

The arrest warrant has been issued in the non-bell able section from  ​​Ghatal subdivision court. CID officials are desperate to find her. In the words of an intelligence chief, “such serious allegations against Bharati are less likely to be granted in advance.” As a former IPS, it’s impossible to hide for a long time. We are trying to create a situation in which she will be forced to surrender.”