Ex Greenpeace staff alleges rape against former colleague


Bengaluru: Greenpeace seems to be in deep trouble in India after an ex staff of the multinational NGO has gone public with allegations of rape and sexual harassment against her colleagues.

It has been alleged that the organization has taken no action against the accused staff even after receiving complaints. Social activists are lashing out at the NGO with allegations of irresponsible handling of cases of Sexual harassment of workplace.

Narrating her ordeal, she said that it started a year after she had joined the NGO at their Bengaluru office. The first incident happened during an official trip in October 2012.

She alleged, “I got a call from a senior colleague at 11 pm, asking me to vacate my room and insisting that I sleep in his suite. In another incident, he approached me physically despite my discomfort, insisted on force-feeding me birthday cake.”

She said that though she had filed a written complaint with the HR manager she did not get any help from the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) of the organization which looks after such complaints.

She alleged that in 2013 she was raped by a colleague whom she knew quite well who found her unconscious after a party. She said, “I was terrified to speak and I knew even if I had, no one in this organisation would come to my aid. I did not have the strength to report my rape, neither to the police, nor to my employers.”