For Every Sixer, Juhi’s KKR To Plant Tree At Eden


Kolkata: Actor Juhi Chawla, who is the co-owner of Indian Premier League (IPL) team Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), has decided to use cricket for the benefit of the environment. For every six that a player hits in Kolkata’s iconic stadium, Eden Gardens, the actor’s team will plant a tree.

“Every day we hear about the alarming effects of pollution. I felt that there is no better way to do something for the environment [than this]. For every sixer hit by KKR and opposite team at Eden Gardens, there will be one tree planted. Cricket is loved in our country and it spreads so much happiness — there is nothing better than associating it with a good cause. So, the next time a batsman hits a six, everyone can cheer for their team and be assured that one more tree is getting planted in Kolkata and the game is contributing for a better tomorrow,” says Juhi.

The initiative has got a green signal from the Mayor of Kolkata and Juhi shares, “So far we have vowed to plant over 50 trees and we are hoping to reach at least 70 by the end of the season. Our team will be planting trees at various spots across Kolkata.”