Every Saturday KP Brings Smile To The Mobile Users


Piku Mukherjee: We all think that if a mobile is lost then it will be never back to you. But Kolkata police’s new initiative changes this thinking of the citizens of Kolkata. The city’s police force seemed to have suddenly discovered its lost spine with taking some new initiative. KP’s this story is different from their other good deeds. It takes a little while, but the lost phone is returned! Yes, at least 200 people got their lost phone in Kolkata every month.

Have you lost your mobile phone? Don’t just block your SIM but rush to the nearest police station and lodge an FIR as it is compulsory for cops to not only lodge a complaint but also trace and recover it. Don’t regret, Kolkata police now help you to bring back the lost mobile phones as mobile phones are the very important for communications and contacts.

There’s no doubt that the widespread of mobile technology has made communicating with each other much, much easier. Kolkata police emphasized to bring back lost phone to build more connections with the citizens.

At first, you lodged a GD at local police station after losing the phone and tried to recover the sim cards. If local police stations failed to recovered the lost phone then they referred to the divisions of Kolkata police or referred to the Lalbazar watch section. Former Kolkata Police Commissioner Surajit Kar Purkayastha build this section to help the citizens. Now another Mobile Missing section is also build to help to get the lost mobiles. Cops already have a strategy to crack down by tracing IMEI number. OC Bidhan Saha earlier took the charge of this watch section.

Every Saturday, Lalbazar missing mobile section bring back the lost phones as much as possible. According to a senior police official, ” Mobile phones are very important for us. We all kept secret information on it in now a days. If this secret information handed over to the miscreants then it will bigger threat of cyber security, so we do our best to bring back this lost phones.’