Every July Recalls ‘Mahanayaak’ Uttam Kumar’s Visit In Natugram


Burdwan: One fine monsoon morning of July, and suddenly a Fiat car stops in front of Natugram zamindar house. It made the villagers astonished.

মহানায়কের স্মৃতি আঁকড়েই বেঁচে আছে নতুগ্রাম

In 1958,in this remote villages of Burdwan,adjacent to Damodar river where local and branded cars hardly reached there. As a result, 60 years ago, the whole village came in front of the zamindar house to see the branded car.

It was a situation of holding breath, as everyone was eager to find what who was inside the car, and the moment came,no one could believe to their eyes as the person who came out of the car was Mahanayaak Uttam Kumar, along with him was his wife Gauridevi.

And the memory still keeps recalling.The level of discussion increases as July arrives.This year also it happened.Local sources confirmed that Mahanayaak and the eldest son of Natugram zamindar family Kamakhya Mukherjee were good friends.And so Uttam and his family went to spent their vacation at his friend’s house in Natugram.He learned to catch fish from the pond that belongs to the Zamindar.He also traveled on a boat in the river Damodar with wife Gauridevi.

A villager named Sheikh Ansar Ali who used to play in local plays saw Uttam Kumar once.And the rest of the people have heard about the first arrival of the Mahanayaak in their village. Subir Mukherjee, a member of the same zamindar family, was one of them.

Subir had heard these stories from his Uncle Kamakhya Mukherjee and his father Robin Mukherjee. He said, “Uttam Babu loved to eat coconut and mudi.Very friendly and funloving person.He also love to hangout with friends and family.”

The Mukherjee family have preserved the bed where Mahanayaak used to sleep.The photo of Uttam Kumar with the Mukherjee family is still hanging on the walls of the zamindar house.The photo was clicked by Sanat Pramanik.

Uttam Kumar spent some good time in the river Damodar on a private boat of Mukherjee family. He also clicked good pictures on the boat.And the oarsman who rowed the boat was Nakul Santra.

Nakul Santra’s son Sudev Santra heared the stories from his father, he said that “Mahanayaak himself rowed the boat taking the oar from his father.”

Reported By: Sanjay Karmakar
Edited By: Mousumi Das