Every 9th Indian is a ‘Hypertension Victim’


Kolkata: Hypertension has emerged as the largest silent killer in the world. Speaking on the occasion of ‘World hypertension Day’ HOD of NRS Medical College and Hospital, Kajol Ganguly said, “25% of the world’s adult population suffers across the world from blood pressure.”

Dr. Ganguly was addressing a press meet at the Kolkata Press club on 16 May, 2014 on ‘World hypertension Day’, observed on May 17 across the world.

“In India’s 25 plus age category, over 23.1 percent male and 22.6 percent females are affected by this ailment.” He further added. The meet was also attended by renowned Dr. Sourabh Kole, Incharge of ICU at Bellevue.

There is widespread ignorance and lack of awareness about high blood pressure and related aspects. Keeping this in mind, world Hypertension League observes 17th may as world Hypertension day, and organizes various mass awareness programs to educate the masses, about high blood pressure and related ailments. World hypertension League is a part of International hypertension society.

He further told that over 21 percent death happen due to high blood pressure related stroke, another 45 percent due to Coronary artery related disease. About 10 years back in 2004, about 12.8 percent (about 75 lac) death were caused by high-blood pressure. In India about 13, 90, 00,000 people which comprises 15 percent of the global death attributed to high-blood pressure.

While every 9th Indian suffers from high blood pressure, the ignorance and lack of awareness is so high that in spite of it being such a wide-spread ailment and maximum people suffers from it, they are still unaware of its very existence within their body, especially during the initial stage, when there are no outward indications. As per estimates about 45 percent of patients are unaware of the existence.

Even those who know about their ailment, less than 10 percent actually undergo any treatment. This is a very grave and critical situation, because of untreated, high blood pressure and its negative effects potential of causing death.

Dr. Ganguly said that the present lifestyle is causing hypertension in such a wide spectrum. It is also hereditary he said.