Evening Gnome- Shades That Guard


Kolkata: How do you protect your mind and psychology ? Gnomes are the shells that protect the treasures of earth. Similarly, emotions that act as the gnome of human life. With a perfect amalgamation of those emotions ‘Evening Gnome’ has been published for its readers.

The book is a translation of selected poems by Bengali poet Saubhik De Sarkar. It has been translated by Dolonchampa Chakraborty and Arka Chatterjee.

Dolonchampa Chakraborty has taken most of the part from poet’s first two books- ‘Winter and Hospital of Adolescence’ (Sheet O Bayosandhir Haspatal) and ‘A Mild Red Line’ (Ekti Mridu Laal Rekha). On the other hand, selected poems from ‘Jatrabari’, ‘Formula of Taking Over’ (Dakhalsutra) and ‘Kite Of Rehabiliation’ (Punarbasoner Chil) have been translated by Arka Chatterjee while poems from ‘Devoted Buffer’ (Anugata Buffer) have been shared by both of them.

Saubhik De Sarkar is a Bengali poet based in Alipurduar, which is an extension of Dooars area. He has six poem books to his credit till now and the first one is ‘Sheet O Bayosandhir Haspatal’ which was published in 1995 when he was just 19 years old.

He is also known for his efficiency in translation. His most significant translation includes Saadat Hasan Manto, Roberto Bolano, Garcia Lorca, Julio Cortazar and Namdeo Dhasal. His latest book is the transalation of poems by Sri Lankan Tamil Poet Rudhramoorthy Cheran.

In 1995, the poet was a member of a little magazine, Eroka which was actively involved in a poetry movement known as Sanghoto Kobita Andolon (Compact Poetry Movement). His poetry combines several facets of emotion, occasional submission, graceful love and passionate sexuality.

He juxtaposes several images and makes them stand in front of globe-mirror. A sense of antagonism has been communicated in the poems to express political awareness and flawlessly captured hope, fear, sarcasm with a wide and panoromic view. Saubhik De Sarkar has been conferred with Kabita Pakshik Award in 2005 and Mallar Award in 2017.

Countering reality he wrote that “Reality irrespective of its time factor is very linear and dominating instinct. Although life can’t be attributed to its surface value only as it’s multi-layered. I want my poems to explore the layers of these other realities that surround the superficial surface of any common truth.”

Dolonchampa Chakraborty is also a poet, translator and editor. She has authored two books of poetry in Bengali and is presently translating Indian, Greek, Spanish and Arabic literature into English. Arka Chatterjee is a translator and assistant professor of Humanities and Social Sciences in IIT Gandhinagar.

He is the chief editor of the online literary journal Sanglap. He has been translating works of contemporary poets and prose writers from Bengali to English and vice versa for online literary journals such as Sanglap, Ashtray, Online Journey 90’s, Baak, Indiaree, The Dhauli Review etc.