Even The United States Fear Russian S-400


New Delhi: Modi government has approved the approx Rs 40,000-crore acquisition of five advanced Russian S-400 Triumf air defence missile systems. The missile system has even rattled Nato countries!

We take a look at the S-400 missile system’s key strengths and other facts about it:

Capable of :

The decision was taken by the Manohar Parrikar-led defence acquisitions council (DAC).
It has decided to buy 5 units of the S-400 Triumf air defence missile systems that are capable of destroying incoming hostile aircraft, missiles and even drones within a range of up to 400 km.

Designed to knock down flying targets :

The S400 Triumf is designed to knock down flying targets including those equipped with stealth technologies, at a distance of about 400 kms.
It is also capable of taking out ballistic missiles and hypersonic targets.

India will be the second buyer :

India will be the second buyer of the missile system after China if the deal goes through.
China in 2014 sealed a $3 billion deal with Russia for acquisition of S-400 batteries, which will be delivered from 2017 onwards.

Modern air defence system :

Compared with its predecessor, the S-300, the new S-400 has a 2.5 times faster firing rate. This is the most modern, air defence system in the Russian arsenal.
Its long-range radars can track hundreds of targets simultaneously and can shoot down even stealth fighters like American F-35 jets.

India’s plan :

The plan is to deploy three in the west (read Pakistan) and two in the east read China) to bolster the nation’s air defence capability,” said a source to TOI.
Russia recently deployed an S-400 system at Latakia airbase in Syria after one of its Su-24 fighters was shot down by Turkish jets.

Induction plan :

The DAC approval is just an “acceptance of necessity” for Indian experts to formally negotiate the government-to-government deal with Russia.
It will take a few years for the S-400 systems to be inducted.
With the IAF trying to steadily plug gaping holes in the country’s air defence coverage, including protection of strategic assets like nuclear reactors, the S-400 will come as a major shot in the arm for the force.

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