Euro 2016: British Man Dies After Falling From Promenade


Paris: A Northern Ireland football fan in Nice for the Euro 2016 tournament has died after falling from a promenade. He had been drinking and went over a barrier, French police said.

A French National Police spokesman said: ‘It seems it was drink. He was walking and went over the barrier, because he was drinking he crossed the barrier and fell eight metres.’

Thousands of supporters descended on the city to watch Sunday’s fixture against Poland. The police spokesman said the accident happened at around 2am on Monday, in the aftermath of the game.

He said the victim’s name has not yet been released. Nice’s Promenade des Anglais is famed as a landmark of the city and runs for some four miles. Below it lies a rocky pebble beach.

It is a popular walking and cycling route and was thronged with supporters returning from the match on Sunday night. Many of the fans had congregated around the area of the Place Massena in the old part of the city.

A Police Service of Northern Ireland spokesman said: ‘We are aware that a man from Northern Ireland aged in his 20s has died in Nice, France, this morning. There are no further details of the actual incident that the PSNI can confirm.

‘As this occurred in France, this is a matter for the French authorities.’ Supt Nigel Goddard told the BBC: ‘I believe it was an accident, is the information I have. It was not in any way disorder-related.

‘So obviously it is a personal tragedy. ‘It was the early hours of the morning and this gentleman was on his own and seems to have fallen.

‘It was an accident as opposed to any violence.’ He added: ‘It is quite a fall from the promenade on to the rocky beach.’ He said Foreign and Commonwealth Office officials are contacting the man’s family.