Eunuchs chop off man’s ‘private part’

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Indore: In a shocking incident two unidentified eunuchs allegedly abducted and chopped off the genitals of a man who had posed as a eunuchs and collected alms from train passengers.

“The 27-year-old victim told us that he was abducted near the railway station and taken to a square close to MR 10 road by two eunuchs on May 7,” Hiranagar police station inspector Shashikant Chourasia told.

According to the police, the victim said that after regaining his senses yesterday, he found himself bleeding profusely. He figured that his genitals had been chopped off, with a tube inserted into his body to enable him to urinate.

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In his submission, the victim admitted that he had posed like a eunuch and collected alms from train passengers for a long time.