Esha Promotes Her Upcoming ‘Cakewalk’ In Kolkata


Kolkata: Bollywood actress Esha Deol was in the city on Thursday to promote her upcoming short film ‘Cakewalk’. She was in one of the city’s renowned jewellery shop to promote it.

Esha Deol is playing the lead role in Cakewalk which is being directed by Ram Kamal Mukherjee. Apart from promoting her movie, Esha also unveiled the shop’s new jewellery collection named as ‘Subha Bibaha.’ Esha will be seen wearing these new collections in ‘Cakewalk’ too.

“The script attracted me a lot. I am also a very good friend of Ram (director). We wanted to do something creative together. Before this, I got several other scripts too, but I liked this script much more. This is why I agreed to do this film. The essence of a short film is to show an entire story in just 22 minutes,” said Esha.

Veteran actress Hema Malini’s daughter is making her comeback post-pregnancy, with ‘Cakewalk.’ Tollywood actress Anindita Basu is also playing a role in this film. Esha is playing the role of a chef. Indian television actor Tarun Malhotra will be seeing opposite Esha Deol.

The shooting of this movie started in March in Kolkata itself. The story is based on the present place of women among the new generation. Both the personal and professional life of a woman will be shown in this short film.

Director Ram Kamal Mukherjee, one day, was talking to the actress, to gather information for doing a biopic on her. But it is during this meet, that the idea of short film struck him.

The short film is being produced by Dinesh Gupta and Aritra Das.