Errie! Nature’s call? Use app to find public toilet!


Feeling the urge? Is nature calling? Instead of asking road side panwalas, swipe through your smart phone. Many of us have experienced nature’s call at errie hours, now instead of squeezing your bowl; go for your smart phone.

Toilet finding apps not only help you put public toilets to their true use but the ability to add or edit toilets helps in spreading awareness about the network of public conveniences in your surrounding area.

Here are a few apps:

1. ToiletFirst: ToiletFirst maps all the public toilets in India with basic information like opening hours, type of toilet, water availability, parking facility, cleanliness rating, etc.

2. Susuvidha-Clean Toilet Finder: This app lets you know about a clean bathroom nearby and also lets you add information about toilets to the database. You can also map a route to the place and get turn-by-turn directions.

3. Clean Toilet App: The USP of this app is that toilets listed in it are rated by users on the cleanliness factor. Users are encouraged to rate toilets in any facility- malls, restaurants, petrol pumps, highways, etc.- and share the ratings with others.

4. Toilet Finder India: This application is for finding public toilets nearby in India and has been created with the aim of solving public toilet issues in India. Users also have the option to add or edit toilets based on their geo-locations.

With these apps, we hope you will not face any difficulty in locating public toilets near you and be able to have a more hygienic and private toilet experience.