Eradicate skinny model: French deputy


Milan: French deputies have enacted a law against ‘Ultra-thin models’. The decision was taken even after several protest and howling was made from the modeling agencies were to stop passing the act in-front of the Milan, the Fashion capital. Health minister Marisol Touraine previously said that the models should look after their health and need to eat regularly. However, this didn’t happen.

modelsThe authorities have come up with few clauses against the ultra skinny catwalk model. “Anyone whose body mass index… is below a certain level will not be able to work as a catwalk model,” stated the National Assembly lower house of Parliament. The decision came to stand still when 85% vote for the motion.

However, there is a catch if it is learned that the models are weighted less than the given weight, than the recruiting agency will fine up to 75,000 euros (5026000 in Indian currency) and six months imprisonment. ‘The prospect of such a punishment will have the effect of regulating the entire sector,’ said Olivier Veran, the deputy who came up with such law. The law is not only for the fashion capital Milan, but also the same rules goes for London, Italy, Israel and other parts of the world. ‘This is a very important message to young women who see these models as idol,’ added health minister.

 Things got out of hand when the National Union of Modeling Agecy raised their voice regarding the matter. They state that, it will affect the competitiveness of modeling industry. The laws aimed to stop anorexia which is found in most of the model that are tend to be super skinny. As per reports, 40,000 peoples suffered from the disease in France. More than nine out of 10 teenagers who idolize the models have suffering from the disease. The measure is taken to stop spreading anorexia (lack of food) spreading throughout the world.

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