ER looks to replace Fish Fry with Fish Cry at Rajdhani


Kolkata: Until now, the fish fry was one of the foremost attractions while travelling in the Rajdhani Express.But the delicious fish fries were stopped from the non veg thalis as the fish prices soared but the component of fare that passengers pay for a bottle of water, tea, an evening snack, dinner and breakfast remained at a modest Rs 250. Now, Eastern Railway (ER) plans to introduce fish curry on an experimental basis for people who don’t like chicken. 

“As per instructions from the Railway Board, we are reaching out to passengers and getting their feedback. Recently, I travelled on the Kolkata Rajdhani and spoke to passengers, many of who are frequent travelers. Most of them said that the food served on board is fine when I explained that the sum they pay for the meals is Rs 250 per head and too much variation is not possible under the circumstances. On the other hand, there were a few passengers who had demanded ‘Jain’ meals while others said they would be happy if fish is introduced. While ‘Jain’ meals won’t be possible, we want to experiment by loading a few fish meals in each compartment as there are many Bengalis travelling from Howrah. These will be served on a first-cum-first serve basis. Depending on the response, we shall send a report to the Board,” said RK Gupta, general manager, ER. A few of the passengers had even complained of the oily samosas that are also served. The general manager said that he will look into the matter.