An Epic Response By This Musician To End “Ristedaar’s” Common Question “ Shaadi Kab Kar Rahe Ho?”


“Aur beta, shaadi kab kar rahe ho?”

Perhaps the most annoying and frustrating question every youth come across.

Similarly frustrated with this annoying question was Nikhil Malik, a 28-year-old music producer, based out of Mumbai. In an exclusive interview with Kolkata24x7 reporter Mousumi Das he shares all about the brainstormed photo shoot.

This is when he got together with his friend and photographer, Bhumika Bhatia, and brainstormed the perfect response, which was the result of 2 hours of a fun photoshoot.

Here are those brainstormed pictures:


1. How the concept of ‘Singlehood Photoshoot’ came to your mind?

Well, it was a mix of too many “just-got-married” posts on Facebook and the love I have for myself.. It’s just a very basic (and funny) reminder for people to love themselves more often and truly appreciate themselves for who they are.

2. People want to know Nikhil Malik?

Nikhil Malik is a musician, music producer, director, but first and foremostly he thrives to be a good human being.

3. Do your relatives really harp on the fact that you should get married?

Oh every family function, every dinner function, every lunch, every encounter with a relative. The first question is – “Oh, how’s your music?”

And, The next question is “When are you getting married?”

Thankfully, my parents are cool about it and they want me to do my thing and marry whenever the time is right!

4. Haven’t this ‘Mr. Right’ get his ‘Miss. Right’ yet?

Well…! It’ll only be fair to answer this question when I’m married. 😉

5. Being a musician you do have female fans, don’t you think this could bring a negative impact on your female fan following?

Well, I hope not! Infact, most of the messages I’ve received are from females going through marriage pressure saying how this photoshoot has brought a sense of positivity in their lives.

6. As you are an inspiration for many single youngstars being in news now? Being an Idol for them what message would you like to give?

Well this photoshoot is just a creative expression. It’s almost fictitious. It’s the voice of most people who are my age, wanting to achieve bigger and better things. I’m no idol but I just hope people thrive and strive for greatness.

7. While concluding I can’t stop myself from asking this question – ‘When are you really getting married?

Whenever people stop asking me this question! 😉