Have To Face Family’s Fury Because I’m Modi’s Fan: Muslim Girl


New Delhi: My entire family is against me because I’m Narendra Modi’s fan, writes a Muslim girl in survey on demonetisation and black money.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday had reached out to people directly for feedback on demonetisation move and black money, by asking the public to convey their views to him via his App by answering a set of questions.

He asked the public to participate in a survey on Narendra Modi App where 10 questions, with various options, have been posed with regard to scrapping of old INR 500 and INR 1000 currency notes.

The last question on the survey requested people to share their unique ideas, suggestions or insights that they had.

According to a report in PM Narendra Modi’s website, a Muslim girl from Maharashtra – Nazia Shaikh – has written that her entire family is against her because she is a fan of PM Narendra Modi.

“I m a Muslim girl, my entire family is against me coz I m a fan of Modi. I don’t know much about Indian politics, I don’t know bjp or congress or AAP, Shivsena..coz I m too busy with my own life…but I chose this Man to be a PM and I only hope my decision is right..all other politicians have looted Janta..Hope Mr Modi proves my family & Muslim community wrong…and I wish him all the best for at least taking such a bold decision and hope he is successful and year by year we only vote for Him..I respect my PM coz I have Chosen him and I will fight all odds to stand by him with all his wise decisions..Mr Modi please don’t ever let us down…be true to everything u say in ur speech..I don’t know if u will read this or not but I only hope 1.25billion people eyes are on you..Jai Hind.”