Enthusiasm after a long gloom in India: Jaitley


New Delhi: Commencing the week long media programmes to highlight the achievement of NDA regime under PM Narendra Modi on completion of first year in power, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Friday said that more enthusiasm on the economic front after Modi assumed power on May 26 last year.

“There was a general environment of gloom one year back on the economic front in this country. Now there is an environment of enthusiasm in this country,” he said, adding, “There is absolute clarity with regard to the direction in which the government wants to go. This direction is towards growth and development.”

“Stability has returned to the economy. The country is not ready to accept slow decision-making,” he said.

Stressing on the government’s agenda of a corruption free administration and decisiveness in the face of hurdles Jaitley said “A very important highlight of this government has been to give a corruption-free administration to this country.”

“Decisiveness, even in the face of obstructionism, has been an important hallmark of the NDA government,” said Jitley referring to the obstructions and stalemate created by the opposition in passing many key bills in the Rajya sabha where the government is a minority.

Emphasizing the government’s agenda to strengthen the federal structure, Jaitley said, adding, “Revenue realized through coal block auctions shall now go to states – an example of cooperative federalism.

On Modi’s much-talked about foreign trips, the Finance Minister said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited 18 nations. India has now occupied a pre-eminent place in the global arena.