‘Entertainment In The Name Of Culture Is Worse Than Terrorism’

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Chennai: Tollywood director Ram Gopal Varma harshly criticized the Tamil Nadu government and several Tolly celebrities for supporting Jallikattu, the bull taming sport.

‘Just by giving it name of culture Jallikattu cannot escape from its true tradition of torturing innocent animals for people’s pleasure. Jallikattu is Barbarism,’ said Ram Gopal Varma. According to Varma, torturing defenseless living beings for personal entertainment in the name of culture and tradition is worse than terrorism.

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RGV also supported Tamil star Trisha, who landed up in a soup for supporting animal welfare group PETA, and called other pro-Jallikattu actors, cowards.

Thousands of people are protesting against the ban on the state’s popular sport, Jallikattu, since January 12. The agitation began after the Supreme Court upheld a ban on the sport, striking down pleas ahead of Pongal.

Meanwhile, a peaceful protest was supported by the other Tollywood stars including Rana Daggubati, Ram Pothineni and Samantha Ruth Prabhu. The protesters also urged the government not to ignore the protest.