Enjoy Ramzan with dessert treats


Kolkata: The holy month of Ramzan brings with it joy, laughter and lot of sweet surprises with yummy treats in store. For a few, it may get a little frantic as the day goes by just preparing the delicacies while fasting for the entire day. Gits brings a solution by offering convenient and tasty InstantMixes of Bombay Halwa, Phirni, Kheer Vermicelli and Kheer Ricefor the auspicious month.

Making desserts can be an extremely time-consuming task but thanks to Gits Instant Mixes,now make delicious yummy deserts at home in 3 Easy Steps. One can make traditional desserts for Eid such as kheer vermicelli, kheer rice, bombayhalwa and phirni within a few minutes to end your meal with delicious sweet surprises and entertain your guests as well.PHIRNI

Go traditional with Gits Vermicelli kheer, also known as Sheer Khormaand Gits Basmati Rice Kheer both a must-have scrumptious dessert during the festive month. For all the weight-watchers and diet conscious people, Gits Bombay Halwa is a great option as it is made from china grass (Agar Agar) making it easily digestible. One can also try out Gits Phirnia great cold desert option for the joyous occasion.

Iftar parties and Eid-milansare marked by grand celebrations and indulgent feasts by communities and social groups. The essence of the joyous timesis felt majorly by food and social interaction, Gits provides recipes with interesting variations that can add creativity to the taste and aroma of the deserts in just a few minutes.One can try adding cloves to Gits Basmati Rice Kheer and Gits Vermicelli Kheer, which will give it a subtle fragrance. Another variation which can appeal to childrenis by adding crushed chocolate along with Gits Basmati Rice Kheer mixinto the milk and simmer the flame to cook till the right consistency has been achieved. One can garnish Gits Phirni by adding freshly cut dry fruits that will add a refreshing taste and a healthy touch to it.

Gits dessert mixes have no preservatives or artificial flavours keeping the health quotient intact. One can try making these tempting deserts that have variety, taste, and doesnot require much time for cooking. Yes, Gits dessert mix is a 3 steps solution to spend quality time with your loved ones and enjoy the festival of Ramzan this year!