English Wine to stir up Wimbledon 2015


London:Fans will now relish the Wimbledon Championships more as English wine will be served along with strawberries for the first time in the glorious 138 years history of the mega event. White Pinot Gris 2014, from the Bolney estate in East Sussex, is the chosen wine that will be served as a ‘perfect match for strawberries and cream’ in the championship starting from today.

The wine, which is to be retailed at 16.99 pounds, will be served at catering outlets and hospitality areas throughout the 2015 tournament.Sam Linter, managing director and lead winemaker at the Bolney wine estate, said that they were proud that Pinot Gris has been selected to be served in the Wimbledon boxes this year, the Guardian reported.

He added that it only seemed right that English wine would be served at the institution which is such a quintessentially English.