Engineer Arrested Over Kolkata Flyover Collapse

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Kolkata: Niloy Roy, executive engineer of IVRCL has been arrested in connection to the Posta flyover collapse. A total of 10 IVRCL personnel have so far been arrested, said police.

Niloy’s arrest came after the workers informed police that they have informed Niloy about the weak condition of the bridge and also told him about some missing bolts from the joints. The workers also alleged that despite being informed Niloy ordered them to go on with the construction work.

IVRCL Director Operations Gopal Krishnamurthy, Deputy General Manager of Project Monitoring Cell (PMC) S K Ratnam and senior engineers Shyamal Manna and Bidyut Manna, Ranjit Bhattacharya were arrested after a long grilling session at the Kolkata Police headquarters on Monday.

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Three top IVRCL officials were also arrested earlier from Kolkata in connection to the Vivekananda flyover collapse on Thursday which left 24 people dead.

The arrested officials were assistant manager Dibyajyoti Mazumdar, structural manager Pradeep Saha and Senior AGM Mallikarjun. The officials were detained and later arrested after questioning on Friday.

Meanwhile, the chief engineer of KMDA along with another personnel have been suspended.

The Kolkata office of IVRCL, the builder of the Vivekananda flyover was earlier sealed.

Within hours of concrete being poured into a framework of steel girders on Thursday, a 100-metre stretch of the overpass collapsed, crushing pedestrians and cars on the road at lunchtime.

The bridge has been under construction since 2009. The company was given an 18-month deadline and a budget of nearly Rs. 165 crore to complete the project but after seven years, only about 60 percent of the work has been done.

Apart from this flyover, IVRCL got 27 projects across India the same year. Last year, it posted a loss of 672 crore and recently, a consortium of banks took over

A high level 6 membered probe panel has been formed by CM Mamata Bannerjee to investigate the incident.