Engine Runs 3 Kms After Getting Detached In Alipurduar


Alipurduar: The Bengaluru-Tinsukia Express had a narrow escape on Thursday after its engine detached itself from the train, and the engine ran without the train for three kilometres. It stopped after running three kilometres.

The incident took place at 8:35 in the morning near Alipurduar’s Madarihat’s Rangalibajna. The train was going to Tinsukia from Bengaluru when it suddenly stopped with a loud noise.

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According to witnesses, the engine was completely detached from the train and its compartments. Then the engine started running without its train. The locals were left spellbound. The top railway officials rushed to the spot and inspected the entire incident.

Train services were disrupted for a long time in that line. The train route of 10 trains were cancelled. Some trains were cancelled too.

No injury or casualty have been reported. There were no passengers in the train.