Energy-Saving Metro Rake To Arrive In June


Kolkata: Metro Railway will receive its first rake with 3-phase AC propulsion from Integral Coach Factory (ICF), Chennai, in the first week of June.

The rake, the first of two ordered by Metro, is at its final stages of finishing and will provide greater riding comfort and energy saving. The rake will have improved nose cone design and a top speed of 80 km per hour. It will also use a new technology of regenerative braking that will send back power to the system whenever brakes are applied.

“The doors will be wider and so will the vestibules. The width of the doors at present is 1,200 mm. In the new rake, it will be 1,400 mm. The width of the vestibule at the moment is slightly more than 2ft. In the new rake, this will be 3ft, allowing easier movement for passengers in case of emergencies. The motorman’s cabin will also be far more advanced with state-of-the-art technology. In fact, the motormen would also be able to control the amount of power drawn from the system. If there are fewer passengers, power drawn will be lesser. In this way, 30% energy will be saved. We have been assured that the first rake will arrive by the first week of June,” said Indrani Banerjee, CPRO, Metro Railway.

The interiors of the coaches will have better sound proofing. The seats and grips will also be better than the ones in the existing coaches. During discussions with ICF, officials had outlined the problems with the existing rakes. One of the issues that used to plague the existing AC rakes was the dripping of water. The new rake will have the AC control panels inside the coaches and not on the roof. The drain pipes will also be outside. The flooring will be of rubber rather than PVC.

“In the new rakes, passengers won’t feel the jerks when the motormen apply brakes or increase speed,” Banerjee added.

Apart from the ICF rakes, Metro has also ordered several from China. These are expected to start arriving by the end of 2017.