Enclave ‘Centenarian’ Casts Maiden Vote


Dinhata: Asgar Ali , a 103 year old citizen of the enclaves of Cooch Behar is finally casted his vote first vote in the final phase of the West Bengal Assembly Polls. He has not casted his franchise till date in this period of 103 years. 2016’s election would be the first one where he would be casting his fundamental right for the very first time. And he is very much happy about it because he would like to see development in his area and that would be possible through each and every person’s vote, which includes him.

Not only Asgar will be casting his vote, his family members would also cast their votes for the first time. The three generations in his family is very much excited to use their democratic rights for the first time.

Much before independence, Ajgar Ali had come to the Cooch Behar enclaves with his father from Maimansingh. His mother and brother accompanied them to the enclave. His father had come in search of work. Asgar helped his father with his work. They stayed happily in the enclaves, but then after some period, his mother and brother left for Maimansingh. So Asgar Ali remained in the enclave with his father alone.

After working here for a long time, they became locals and a part of the enclave. Asgar never left the enclave; he married there itself and got settled. He has 5 daughters and 2 sons. While at the edge of his life, his last wish is to see the development of the area which belongs to him since his childhood. There has been a period, when electric wires and lines ran by his house. But his house received no electricity whatsoever. He used a hurricane all these years. So he wants to see electricity in his house.

Apart from Asgar Ali and his family, 9776 voters from the enclaves will be casting their votes for the first time in 68 years. 657 of them had come from Bangladesh and settled in India. Born in India, but since being trapped in Bangladesh, they could not vote. At last, they are on their way to vote for the first time on Thursday for the Bengal Assembly polls; they are going to cast their votes in favour of candidates, according to their choices and that too being an Indian citizen. 9776 voters will cast their votes in 41 constituencies. The concerned authorities have already provided the first time voters with their own voter identity cards.