Employees To Get Rs 2 Lakh During Retirement


Kolkata: The process of giving one-time financial grants to the temporary employees of the different departments of the West Bengal government, during retirement has begun. A notification on this process was given by the financial department several years ago.

According to the notification, the temporary employees(working on daily wage basis) recuited to the government offices on the basis of agreement, will be able to work till 60 years of age. After completing 60, when they will retire, they will receive a one-time financial grants of Rs 2 lakh. But despite the announcement, it was not being applied in several departments leading to various problems.

Presently, it has been directed to start the process of giving the financial aid to the the temporary workers of the Land and Refugee Rehabilitation department. According to a report in a media, the state government is providing the temporary staff with an assurance of job till 60 years and increment of salary. The monthly salary has been increased to ten thousand rupees. Arrangements have also been made for the regular increment of their salaries. But some sections of these temporary staffs, such as the contractor appointed staff, is yet to get the benefits.