Employees on leave won’t have salaries deducted on Bandh days


Kolkata: The state government has retracted on its notification of attendance of Government employees during the bandh days. In the new notification it has been stated that the employees and officials who had applied for a holiday previously their salaries won’t be deducted and their working days also won’t be deducted. Not only the staff who had applied for holiday, the employees on Maternity leaves and Child care leave will also come under the new notification. The decision of the government has brought in some relief for the government employees.

To fail the left called Bandh on September 2, the state government had issued a circular asking all the government employees to be present on the day of the bandh. Even the employees who were on a holiday from before were asked to be present. The decision of the government spread displeasure among the government employees. On the other hand the opposition has claimed that the decision was taken by the government so that there is no adverse effect on the votes.

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