Emmerson Mnangagwa Sworn In As Zimbabwe’s New Prez


Harare:  Emmerson Mnangagwa Sworn In As Zimbabwe’s New President and vows to tackle the corruption. He took the oath of office at the national sports stadium just outside Harare before thousands of supporters and dignitaries.

He promised to devote himself to the well-being of the people, to cheers from tens of thousands present at his swearing-in ceremony.

He succeeds Robert Mugabe, who resigned on Tuesday under immense pressure from the military, the ruling party and the people amid fears his wife was trying to take power.

Mnangagwa was Mugabe’s longtime ally before his firing earlier this month. He will serve until the end of the presidential term next year. An election date has not yet been set.

Mnangagwa said he was “deeply humbled” to take power after an extraordinary series of events that began with Mugabe firing him early this month as vice president. That turned out to be the mistake that ended Mugabe’s 37 years in power.

Although Mr Mnangagwa has unseated Zimbabwe’s long-time ruler, he is still associated by many with some of the worst atrocities committed under the ruling Zanu-PF party since the country gained independence in 1980.

He was the country’s spymaster during the 1980s civil conflict, in which thousands of civilians were killed. But he has denied any role in the massacres, blaming the army.