Author Amit Chaudhuri Denies Having Link With ‘Aabesh’ Tragedy


Kolkata: Two days after a teenager who was part of a birthday party for his daughter was found murdered, eminent author Amit Chaudhuri has denied that the tragedy was linked to his family or his apartment.

“Our connection is entirely unfortunate, tangential and wholly unexpected,” Mr Chaudhari, who took the boy to hospital, said in a statement on Monday.

“We tried to help a young man none of us knew and feel distressed not to have succeeded in doing this,” he said.

Aabesh Dasgupta, 17, was found bleeding at the parking lot of the posh South Kolkata apartment complex where Mr Chaudhari lives.

Aabesh had been in the group that had celebrated Mr Chaudhari’s daughter’s birthday. The police are investigating allegations that he was stabbed with a broken beer bottle by someone in the group, after a fight.

Mr Chaudhari said his daughter and many others in the group did not know Aabesh and no party had been organised at his apartment; his daughter’s friends had surprised her.

“It was a surprise, and our only condition was that, given the circumstances of mourning for her much-loved grandmother, we would prefer it if they had lunch outside… my daughter and, indeed, most of that group did not know the boy who later died of an injury,” said the author.

Aabesh, he said, had come with one of the five boys in the group.

“…there was never any alcohol made available to anyone anywhere in our flat; my wife and I are anyway teetotalers,” Mr Chaudhari clarified.

The group returned to the building at around 4.30 pm after lunch. He said he was informed by his driver at 6.10 pm that a boy was bleeding downstairs.

He said the group had splintered and he found two of the group attending to the bleeding boy, but the friend who had brought Aabesh to the gathering had “left suddenly” in his car.

“I called an ambulance immediately and then decided not to wait. I put him in my car with the two young people who had been trying to help and told my driver to take him to the emergency ward of a nearby hospital,” said Mr Chaudhari.

Aabesh, a Class 12 student of an elite school, was his mother’s only child.