Eminent Actor Manoj Mitra’s Belongings Shelved From Rented House


Kolkata: Manoj Mitra, a legendary name in theater and tolly industry on Thursday has been thrown out his rented home for not giving rent. Whole equipment for theater have been abandoned from the place.

Sundaram, the theater group of Manoj Mitra used to sit in South Kolkata at Jatin Das Road. They have been rehearsing at that place for past 60 years. The related documents and pictures and several series of drafts have been vandalised by the landlord.

ভাড়া বাড়ি থেকে ছুঁড়ে ফেলা হল প্রবীণ অভিনেতার সবকিছু

Allegedly, the entire incident has followed the legal norms. Reportedly, the theater group used to pay their rent for ’Sundaram’ to ‘Rent Control’. But the base of the eviction notice is still not clear. Nobody could not say anything, said a theater group person.

Manoj Mitra gave reacted on the issue, “I am not rushed but my group is.”