Embarrasing Cops Might Make You Land In Jail


Kolkata: The Police Commissioner of Kolkata strictly warned against all disturbances caused to police on duty.

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Rajiv Kumar warned to put the evil doers behind bars if they file false cases to mislead police. If proved guilty, the person would be judged by law. But in such instances, usually the police refrain from filing one against the accused.

পুলিশকে বিব্রত করলেই হাজতবাস

According to sources from Lalbazar, Rajiv Kumar sat with all the police station’s OC, DC, AC through crime conference, where he gave several instructions to the police officers. The officers have been instructed to re-file a case against those who file false cases and as a result increase the burden of the cops. It is presumed that if this is done, then the burden would get reduced and hence a lot of time which was being wasted initially, would be saved.

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