Eman Able To Eat On Her Own, Recovering Well


Cairo: Eman Ahmed, 36, who is currently being treated at the Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi continues to lose weight, according to her team of doctors.

Dr Yassin Elshahat, Chief Medical officer of Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi said, “The first stage of treatment which was adopted by the treating team, and which was expected to take three months, has been accomplished in almost one and a half month.”

“She is able to use both her hands to feed herself and to take her medications orally,” he added. So far Eman was being fed using a tube.

The hospital said that Eman is able to sit independently for long periods on a specialised tailored wheelchair and her bedsores have healed. Her voice too is being reported to have become clear and she is able to speak full sentences.

The second stage of planned treatment for Eman will start one week after Eid, which will include multiple steps of surgery to reduce weight including liposuction and plastic surgery.

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