Electric Department Employee Dies Of Electrocution


Englishbazaar: An employee of the electricity department got electrocuted, died and his body remained hung on to the wires of the post for several hours on Thursday in Malda.

As per sources, on Thursday afternoon electricity was shut down in a local house at Lakshmipur under Englishbazaar police station. Samar Mandal (30) got up the electric post to fix the problem. But the electric supply to the post was not suspended and as a result Samar was electrocuted. After getting electrocuted, he got stuck in the wires of the post and hung onto the wires for several hours.

Chaos spread seeing a dead body hung onto an electric post. After several hours, the police and fire department officials came and rescued the dead body of Samar. The police have sent his body for post-mortem.

As per locals, the death was the result of the carelessness of the Electricity department. Samar’s house is at Gouripur area in Englishbazaar’s Amriti. The locals have pointed out that if the electric supply would have been suspended while SXamar was working, then he could have escaped such an ill-fate.