Either give SEZ status or repay money : Infosys


Kolkata: IT major Infosys has asked the West Bengal government to either give SEZ status to the company’s proposed software development centre at Rajarhat or repay the money it has given in advance for the land.

According to a senior Infosys official , State government  should either give us the SEZ status or pay back the money which was advanced to get the land. The previous Left Front government had promised the company that it would give SEZ status to Infosys for starting the project which had the prospect of creating 15,000 jobs. But the present government is not ready to do that. AS a result this project remains  in stagnant position. This was supposed to be the first Infosys centre in the state. With the change of goverment polocy of the government changed too. Infosys had paid ₹75 crore to HIDCO for the land at Rajarhat.

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Asked whether Infosys had firmed up its mind on withdrawing from the project, he said: “We hope the government will change its mind.”When contacted, Infosys spokesperson said, “We have asked the State government for SEZ status. We are hopeful that this matter will be resolved.“What the State government would have to do is just forward our proposal to the Centre with a recommendation and nothing else. We have presence in 11 states across the country and all of them have done that.”