ED Issues 4Th Summon To Zakir Naik

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New Delhi: The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has turned down all the fears and requests of evangelist Dr Zakir Naik, and has issued its fourth summon to Naik with an instruction to be present for interrogation, within next 10 days in India.

Last week, Dr Naik through his lawyer had handed over a letter with a request to mail him the list of questions, which he would reply back attached with required documents. The letter said, “We request that a detailed questionnaire and a list of documents that the department needs to facilitate investigations be submitted to him via email so he can respond to the best of his ability.” This was Dr Naik’s second request to the agency, after his email response seeking a video-conferencing facility.

Dr Naik also feared about his possible arrest, if he arrives in India to cooperate with the agency in the investigation. The letter continued saying, “Our apprehensions regarding the probe stand fortified with the arrest of Mr Aamir Gazdar. We are afraid our client will meet with the same fate if he makes an appearance. The fact that Gazdar was arrested despite him submitting all his documents to the National Investigating Agency (NIA) leaves much to be desired.”

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The agency has declined all his requests. Sources within the agency told India Today, “We have rejected all his request of video-conferencing via Skype and his written reply through email, etc. He has no other option now, then to come to India and face the interrogation. The department has replied to his advocate in writing and also by sending an email to Dr Naik.”

While replying to Dr Naik, the ED officials issued him the fourth summon with an instruction to appear before the ED office, within next ten days.

Meanwhile, Dr Naik’s sister Nailah Noorani has been summoned for this week. She owns 90 per cent shares in six dummy companies formed by Dr Naik, to launder money of about Rs 200 crore and more. Dr Naik’s confidant Aamir Gazda (who is in judicial custody till March 8) is a 10 per cent shareholder in these firms.