Eco Park Balloon Ride Incident: State Govt Bearing Cost


Salt Lake: Parents spend sleepless night still in the hospitals. Though doctors at Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals will try to take three-year-old Riyan Nayak, who had suffered critical head injuries after a slide at Eco Park toppled during Sunday’s squall.

Riyan has small clots in his brain that formed after the inflatable Micky Mouse slide at the New Town park toppled. The life-support was withdrawn once on Tuesday but had to be restored minutes later as the child failed to breathe on his own.

Nine children were injured after the Eco Park accident. Five of them, including Riyan’s seven-year-old sister Manisha, were admitted to Apollo. The others suffered minor injuries.

Minister Firhad Hakim visited the hospital on Thursday and said the state government would bear the cost of the treatment of the injured children. When asked whether if he would accept money from the government, Shramina’s father Santosh Kumar Kousal said the child was covered by medical insurance. “I have paid the bills and send the papers to the insurer for reimbursement,” he said.

West Bengal government stopped all joy rides at Eco Park in East Kolkata’s Rajarhat on Monday after 13 kids were injured, including two who were critical last night in a Jumping Baloon ride as Norwester struck the city at 85km per hour.

The accident occurred at around 9 pm when gust of wind snapped the nylon ropes which tied the balloon to the ground. The children fell from the height of 10 feet and got injured.