ECI May Announce Assembly Election Schedule On Saturday


New Delhi: The Election Commission of India may announce the schedules for Assembly Election on Saturday later. The Assembly Election to take place in Madhaya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chattishgarh, Telengana, Mizoram.

The National Election Commission will hold a press conference on Saturday, 3 PM. BJP holding the power in Madhaya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chattishgarh. So Congress is eager to win those places. The vote-bank fight will be tight in these places.

Both the parties are holding meetings, rallies in an interval. Congress is holding the power in Mizoram. The split in Telengana assembly constituency is worrying people. TRS chief K.Chandrasekehar Rao has resigned from CM designation.

He recommended for re-polling in Mizoram, Rajasthan, Chattishgarh, Madhay Pradesh, Telengana. The governor has accepted the recommendation.