WB Polls: Central Force Deployed Two Days Ahead


Kolkata: Election Commission orders that Central Task force will take charge of poll booth 48 hours before. Election Commission will also see to that whether they have reached the spot and current pictures have to be send. At any cost State police will not be allowed to stay at poll booths.

But police with sticks will be allowed to keep guard outside the booth line. They will be kept for communication purpose.

According to Political Scenario, Election Commission decision is due to lack of faith, already thaey have transferred 4 police supers.

The issue of deployment of Central forces during the polls has been a crucial issue in West Bengal. The political parties in the Opposition raised concern during elections to panchayats and municipalities when State Election Commission had failed to ensure the deployment of CAPF at every polling booths. Even in 2014 Lok Sabha polls all booths were not manned by CAPF.

Political parties in the Opposition, who had raised the demand of deployment of CAPF during their meeting with EC officials earlier during the day, welcomed the announcement by Mr Zaidi.

The full bench of the ECI was in the city on Thursday and held meeting with senior officials of the State government to access the level of preparation for the upcoming Assembly polls. Various political parties have also expressed their apprehensions about “large scale rigging” in the poll to the bench.

 “The Commission will continue to access the performance of district election officials in the period between now and announcement of elections and depending on the assessment, requirement and condition, the Commission will take action at that time,” Zaidi said in response to question on allegations of certain bureaucrats were behaving partially.

Stating that a number of new information technology initiatives will be in place particularly for granting permission to political parties for holding rallies and monitoring complaints during the elections, the CEC said that directions have been issued to district officials to “record any incident with political overtones”.

Another area, which the CEC emphasised on, was induction of maximum number of youth aged between 18-19 years in the electoral rolls. Mr Zaidi said that electoral rolls in the State will be issued on January 5, 2016 and as per suggestions of political parties the rolls will be subject to further additions and corrections.