EC Busy In Hit-Or-Miss Concoction For Monday


Kolkata: Kolkata: Calcutta High Court division bench will hear the case on Panchayat on Monday. So Election Commission is highly busy with their last minute preparation.

The commissioner along with other employees and dignitaries were present on Sunday. Commission is busy with hit or miss concoction.

হলফনামা, নববর্ষে শেষ মুহূর্তের ব্যস্ততা কমিশনে

It is not an exception for election commission to get open on Saturday-Sunday before Panchayat Election. But the starting of Bengali New Year(Poila Boisakh) is different from other Sundays.

West Bengal State Election Commission will produce affidavit on Monday before Calcutta High Court. The judiciary on April 12 has announced stay order on the election process till April 16. All the information have to be produced on April 16, Monday.