Eating Cheese Every Day Could Lower Risk Of Heart Attack


A new research shows that eating a daily portion of cheese could reduce the risk of fatal heart attacks and stroke. This comes just months after a previous study found that cheese could hold the keys to a longer life.

According to the research, a daily portion of the size of a small matchbox reduces the chances by 14 percent. All cheese is rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins which help protect against cardiovascular disease.

Cheese also contains high levels of calcium, which means that although it is high in fat, less of that fat is absorbed by the body.

Participants eating around one-and-a-half ounces (40g) a day saw the greatest reduction in risk to their health.

The scientists said the research also showed cheese boosted levels of so-called “good” cholesterol while reducing levels of “bad” cholesterol.

Reacting to the latest study, Ian Givens, Professor of Food Chain Nutrition at Reading University, said calcium from dairy products such as cheese played a vital role in reducing fat in the body.