‘Eat Good Food’ Introduces Platters & Coolers For Kids


Eat Good Food Cafe that started as a quest for good health and where one can indulge in good food without feeling guilty has introduced the Kids Combo platter and the fresh summer coolers, making life easier for both the child and the parents.  Eat Good Food learned that kids today have a greater level of sophistication in their taste preferences, but also enjoy items with which they can interact. Intense summer heat not only robs you of energy but also depletes the important nutrients, in the body, through excessive perspiration. Eat Good Food, takes it upon itself to ensure that you stay cool, energized and refreshed through the gruelling summer.

According to Hena Nafis, Nutritionist and owner at Eat Good Food states, “Most children are over fed but under nourished. Primarily because they regularly consume calorie dense, nutrient robbed junk food, which can lead to lifestyle disorders. Summer vacation is normally a time when children stay indoors and over indulge in consumption of unhealthy foods both at home and restaurants. Hence, we at Eat Good Food wanted children to come out and enjoy a healthy meal which was nutritious and tasty at the same time and wanted their parents to feel happy that their children were eating right”.

Kids Combo Platter:

A healthy diet means complex carbs, more fibre, less fat. So we chose kid’s all time favourite dishes but gave it a healthy twist. The pasta is whole wheat instead of regular pasta and is in tomato sauce to meet one vegetable serving. The garlic bread is whole-wheat with less cheese and butter and sprinkled with herbs, we replaced French fries with baked potatoes. The chocolate dessert is made with minimal sugar and is a reward for them for eating healthy. Moreover, the portions are calculated to keep calories in check and to meet the nutritional needs of a child.f3

Veg Combo Platter- whole wheat Cheese Spaghetti Pomodoro, Whole Wheat garlic bread, baked potato wedges and chocolate ganache (priced at Rs. 175 plus taxes)

Non-Veg Combo Platter whole wheat Chicken Spaghetti Pomodoro, Whole Wheat garlic bread, baked potato wedges and chocolate ganache (priced at Rs. 195 plus taxes).

Fresh Summer Coolers:

Sipping on to refreshing, chilled, healthy, natural vegetable & fruit drinks is a great way to recharge & combat the rising temperatures. While the sun is shedding it’s full blast of light and heat this summer, pick your favourite drink from an intriguing a la carte line up at Eat Good Food.

Soomthie (probiotic rich drink to soothe your gut made with yogurt) – In flavours of Mango, Lychee, Papaya and Berry (price range from Rs. 125 to Rs. 175 plus taxes)

Protein Shake (seasonal fruit blended with whey powder & milk for a protein punch) – In flavours of Mango, Papaya, Kiwi and Chocolate Banana (priced at Rs. 195 plus taxes)f2

Iced Tea (refreshing cold tea blended with fruit puree) – In flavours of Green Apple, Mango, Peach and Pomegranate (priced at Rs. 95 plus taxes)

Iced Coffee (refreshing nut or fruit flavoured cold coffee without milk)- In flavours of Hazelnut Vanilla, Rose Raspberry, Peach Strawberry, Toffeenut and Coco watermelon Mojito Mint (priced at Rs. 95 plus taxes).

Mojito – In flavours of Mint, Ginger Orange, Green Tea, Watermelon and mixed fruit (priced at Rs. 95 plus taxes).

Chia Fresca (cool refreshing drink full of Omega 3’s) – In flavours of Aloe Vera cucumber, Cranberry, Goan, Pomegranate and Caribbean (priced at Rs. 175 plus taxes).

Eat Good Food Cafe can be a paradise not only for you, but for your kids as well, to be able to enjoy an awesome meal together – and you won’t even have to break a sweat.