An Earth For An Earth: Kolkata’s Prodigies To Embark On NASA Tour


Kolkata: What about a man-made planet that resembles earth? Astro scientists have been exploring the possibilities of an Earth like planet to accommodate world’s rising population. A group of young minds in Kolkata have carved out to design for a habitant Earth and will be flying to NASA soon to showcase the same.

বিশ্বের বিকল্প গড়ে নাসায় পাড়ি একদল বঙ্গ তনয়ের

A worldwide competition was organized by NASA to select designs for the twin Earth. The competition, also helmed by San Jose University and American National Space Society allowed only school students studying till 12th standard to participate.

A bunch of 9th standard students from Kolkata’s Narayana school fabricated a blueprint of the substitute Earth and termed it ‘Leben-1’. This garnered them the third spot in the ‘war of worlds’. Aryan Sen Chowdhury, Kazi Zinedin, Amvreen Banerjee and Kovid Bhaduri- these intelligent minds brainstormed the model.

On being asked why it is named ‘Leben-1’ team leader Aryan quickly decoded it. “Leben is a German word meaning life or existence. And ‘1’ suggests the other one. So it sums up to a second existence,” he said.

150 projects from nationwide schools were submitted. Among which, two projects from Narayana school have been deemed fit by NASA. A group of 5 seventh standard students have also been confirmed to board the flight to US.

Principal Aparna Chakraborty is elated with the ventures getting enlisted. “ Two out of four projects have been favoured by NASA. Month long efforts has finally bore its fruit. It is a matter of immense pride for us,” she said.

The 9 intelligent minds will be flying off to NASA on April 25.

Reporting and Photos By: Soumen Sil

Edited By: Ahana Sen Gupta


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