E-Car Charging Stations Installed In New Town


Kolkata: Ten electric charging stations were installed in the New Town area on Tuesday which comes as a good news for the drivers of electric cars.

The electric charging stations were installed by the New Town Kolkata Development Authority(NKDA) under the initiative by HIDCO. With these installations, the city moves a step forward as the CM is trying to make New Town a ‘green city.’

The NKDA officials believe that with this initiative, the common people will be more interested in using electric cars. An official of NKDA said, “It is seen that many people refrain from using electric cars presuming that the charge will exhaust soon. From now on, the people of the area will not have to be worried any more.”

হিডকোর উদ্যোগে নিউ টাউনে গাড়ি চার্জার স্টেশন

As per sources, these stations have been installed near the parking areas. As a result, while parking, it will be easier for the drivers to charge their cars.

One of the drivers of an electric car said, “One it is fully charged, the cars can travel 150 km. But there is a fear that what will happen after the charge exhausts and there is no charging station. With these charging stations, the problem will not remain anymore.”

These electric cars are eco-friendly as it does not emit carbon. If the number of these cars are increased, then the office-going passengers will be benefited.

A resident of New Town Ashok Das said, “The problem of transport in New Town is there always. Although, those who live inside New Town have to reach the bus stand with great difficulty. We will be benefited if e-cars are increased in numbers. The problems faced while going to office will be reduced. With the increase in charging stations, the e-cars will get increased too. We, the residents, welcome this move by HIDCO.”

Reported By: Soyeta Bhattacharya
Edited By: Saheli Dey