Durgapur Murder: Samaresh Confesses Crime

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Chinsurah: Breaking down before police interrogation, Durgapur twin murder accused Samaresh sarkar owned up to his crime on Tuesday. Sarkar told cops that he drugged Suchta’s drink and brutally hacked her to death in her residence. After finishing Sucheta, he also killed her daughter.

Earlier on Monday, police took Samaresh to Durgapur to recreate the crime scene. Samaresh Sarkar, manager of a bank in Durgapur was caught dumping huge bags in the Hooghly River from a boat in public view on Saturday. The suspicious co-passengers asked him why he was throwing the bags, Samaresh Sarkar told them he was a bank employee and the bag contained waste papers from office. Not convinced, one of the passengers called up the Seoraphuli police outpost.

When the boat reached the ferry ghat at Seoraphuli, other passengers didn’t allow Sarkar to leave and waited till the police arrived. Sarkar was taken to the police outpost where he apparently said during interrogation that the bags contained the body parts of the woman, with whom he was allegedly having an affair, and her daughter.

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Sarkar, 45, the manager (operations) of Central Bank of India’s branch in Durgapur, told the police that he had got into a relationship with the woman.

“He told us…. the woman was pressuring him to marry her,” a police officer said.

Sarkar is married and his wife and two daughters live in Titagarh. But he has been posted in Durgapur for three years. The murdered woman, too, was married but didn’t live with her husband, who used to visit her. She lived in Durgapur with her daughter.

The police said Sarkar was suspected to have cut the woman’s body into at least three parts. Two bags recovered from the Hooghly contained the remains of the woman but did not have the head, the police said.