Durga Travels Across The Planet, Worshiped With Fervour


As Durga puja is round the corner and the city of joy has decked up bright. But not only here the charm of Durga Puja transcends the barriers of nations. Separated by oceans, united by Durga puja, irrespective of wherever or how old they are, this can be the common slogan of all Bengalis inhabiting this planet.

The celebrations abroad may not be as spectacular as in West Bengal or the capital city of Kolkata. But they are of no less value to the expatriate Bengalis who sweat it out to ensure the gap of hundreds and thousands of miles from their homeland is bridged at least once in a year.

This traditional bong festival has reached different countries under the sun. As a result Durga idols along with her 4 children- idols of Goddess Laxmi,Saraswati, God Ganesh and Kartik are exported to various countries ahead of Puja. The idol of the the deity has already reached in some countries too.

Just before the festival the artisans across Bengal remain busy in showing their craftsmanship through their pieces of work.The artisans of Kumartuli provide greatest source of joy through idols of Durga.

Banamali Sarkar Street is the main centre of Kumartuli, flanked by cavernous workshops that are crowded with large idols of Durga along with her 4 children in different stages of completion. Artist Kaushik Ghosh is fully occupied with his work, as his has to meet the deadline of idol export.

The four generations of Ghosh’s family are making idols at Kumattuli. At that time there was a horse-drawn tram in Kolkata. During that time only the Zamindar family’s used to worship the idols of Maheswari Mahamaya. The idol of Durga was first created by Ghosh’s father.

And the tradition followed since then generation after generation are following this.
Kaushik Ghosh said, “So far thirty-two idols have been exported to USA, UK Germany, Cannada,Italy,Dubai. USA has gone six to seven. The UK has gone five. Germany, Canada, Italy, Dubai, Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia. He laughs and says, everywhere in the world.”

The clubs in abroad doesn’t take take idol every year. Once the idol has been taken it is worshiped for five years, the decoration of the idol is completely changed and worshiped every year. From the US to Netherlands,Canada to Dubai every where the deity will worshiped with fervour.