Durga Puja Of 18 Idols Worshiped In Suri


Suri: 18 idols along with Durga has been worshiped at Bhattacharya house in Mahammud bazar’s Keut para area.This Puja started in 1235 BS by Kashinath Bhattacharya. This year, this Puja touched 300 years.

The specialty of this puja is that the goddess Durga is worshiped along with her 18 goddess . Mother Durga. Laxmi. Saraswati. Kartik. Ganesh are worshiped with Shiv Nandi-Vigi Jaya and Vijaya. There are also two fishermen. There are 18 idols in an one wheel. So many people call it ‘Durga Puja of 18 Idols.’

Vog is given to Mother Durga on Maha Saptami, Maha Asthami and Maha Nabami. Seven kinds of fried, peas, vegetables and fish Chatni are given as vog to mother. On the eighth and ninth day, the meat offered to mother Durga. According to the tradition, on the Maha Dasami mother Durga idol immersed.

Nandalal Bhattacharya and Shambhu Nath Bhattacharya are currently in charge of this Puja. Nandalal Babu said, we are continuing this puja. It is about 300 years of old Puja. This puja, also known as Durga of 18 idols. I still see crowds from far away to see this Puja.