This Durga Puja, Longest ‘Alpana’ Brightens Kolkata Street


Kolkata: Shubho Mahalaya is being celebrated on Tuesday to usher in Pujo, as it is called. The countdown to Mahasaptami begins from Mahalaya, and in keeping with the festive spirit, social media is full of people sharing messages on Mahalaya.

To celebrate the upcoming Durga Pujo, about 400 people in Kolkata came together to create a huge ‘alpana’ or ‘rangoli’. Stunning pictures of the longest ‘alpana’ – it covers an entire street – have since taken over social media.

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The ‘alpana’ was unveiled by Bengali superstar Prosenjit Chatterjee as part of a corporate initiative. “This was unveiled by Bengali superstar Prosenjit Chatterjee amidst the foot-tapping beats of Dhak and mystical sounds of the shank on this auspicious day of Mahalaya,” says a Facebook post.

The ‘alpana’ was created on the 1.4 km stretch of the Lake Road. Pictures of the gorgeous rangoli, created specially for Durga Puja, are now all over the Internet, and it has everyone swooning over it.