Durga Kills Mosquito Demon To Stop Spreading Dengue Disease


Kolkata: 23 days left in Durga Puja festival. Durga kill Mahishasura but this time Durga kills Masasura( Mosquito demon) so Mosquitoes do not spread dengue disease. Rashbihari More on Sunday witnessed such incident.

Recently, about 15 people have died in Kolkata due to Dengue. The news reached in Kailash. That’s why Mother Durga appeared 23 days before.

Mudiali Club is taking such campaign to aware Kolkatans about dengue disease. However, in the end, Masasura(mosquito demon) was defeated by mother Durga. Here Durga kills Masasura with the help of the mosquito cannon.

On Sunday, this kind of initiative is taken by Mudiali Club Pujo Committee. The Calcutta Municipal Corporation also joined in their initiative. Members of the club acted in the form of durga and Mahisasura. Manoj Saw, a member of the Mudiali Club said, “Our initiative is to make people aware about the prevention of dengue. Besides this we are making theme of Dokra and Port art in this year.